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We have professional overseas trade specialists who have been engaged in trade work for more than ten years, as well as professionals who have a clear understanding of foreign trade operations.

  • VALUE: Integrity, Fairness, Responsibility, win-win cooperation.
  • VISION: Business and Service cover all over the world.
  • MISSION: Always provide customers with safe, stable, affordable integrated logistics services.
  • ADVANTAGE: Integrity, Fairness, Responsibility, win-win cooperation
  • Product Detail


    In the Internet era of information explosion, various products, marketing and data platforms have emerged, while various video information has also fragmented people’s attention and time.

    The key point of marketing has changed from the previous product marketing-oriented to capture the customer’s mind-oriented, and cross-industry competition has made much Cross-industry competition makes many traditional industry players suffer without knowing who their competitors are, as Nokia’s former CEO said: “We did nothing wrong, but I don’t know why, we failed.”

    Therefore, in order to provide more service and value to our customers, so that both parties can win together and gain more competitiveness, we will also provide some supplementary marketing services for our quality customers, such as:
    1. Helping exporters to investigate foreign target markets and get certain relevant customer information.
    2. Helping exporters investigate the status of major competitors in the industry (mainly for Alibaba platform and Amazon platform).
    3. Helping exporters investigate the hot products and main suppliers in the industry (mainly for Alibaba platform and Amazon platform).
    4. Helping exporters extract the most important keywords in the industry (mainly for Alibaba platform).

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